Holiday Update–December 1, 2020

The Manchester Club E-Board met in the now empty main room of the Legion on Thursday, November 19 led by President Stasiak with several members present physically and a few on Zoom. 
Even with an empty Club space the Christmas spirit surfaced as it always has. The Board adapted our usual Holiday food and charitable contributions to the reality of our present conditions. Whereas we usually collect food donations at our December Christmas party celebration, this year we’ll be making $500 cash donations to the Open Door Food Pantry, and Beverly Boot Straps. We’ll continue with our usual charitable contributions to the Congregational Church, The Sacred Heart Church and the Cornerstone (Baptist) Church to benefit the needy.
Meetings are still suspended in keeping with the current state of the COVID emergency regulations and common sense. There’s no telling when things are going to settle down for us to resume meetings with vaccines becoming available soon but distribution remaining an open question.
Treasurer Bill Scott notified us that the club’s liability insurance policy expired in October but that while meetings are suspended there isn’t any need for the policy. The policy would immediately be renewed upon the resumption of monthly meetings. That saves some cash for the chocolate fountain we’ll have when we finally do our anniversary celebration.
The E-board will meet again in December on a date to be determined by President Stasiak.
Keep safe, shop at our local stores and have a great Holiday season.