Club Update–September 29, 2020

There must be some way to be connected…
Life had seemed out-of-sync since sometime in March, but it got even more off kilter when the usual fall rhythm got broken: No back-to-school and now no dinners at the Legion. All of this keeps us pretty much in our shells as far as connecting with friends out of work, except in small in-real-life groups and of course in FaceTime visits with family or Zoom meetings.
  It’s really a struggle for a group like the Manchester Club to do what it’s always done–bring people together–at a time when that seems all the more important. Without that regular contact it feels something like having moved to a different town or landed on another planet.
  We all want that to end but it seems it isn’t going to any time soon. We shouldn’t treat this time as lost, not trying to keep part of the rhythm of life we knew pre-COVID, just waiting for time to pass, for the pandemic to be over. There’s gotta be some way to be connected, right?
  So if you have some brainstorm about how we could keep the spirit of the Club moving, let us know. The Elder Brethren drive-in and pick-up is an example of how to overcome the condition we find ourselves in and  keep the connection.
  So we’d all like your ideas while the E-Board monitors the state of regulations that will make it safe for the Club to resume its dinner and other programs. Drop us a line or get in touch somehow and we’ll float it with the rest of the membership. We are all in this together.