Sign up for dinner – But what to do if you change plans?

You only need to do the form once each month

For each meeting we’ll be sending out multiple notices of the dinner asking you to sign up and giving you news or information. Fill out the form on the email. You’ll know it worked when you close the form and you see “Your response has been recorded”.

So when you get another email reminder from us before a dinner meeting, you don’t have to sign up again for that month.

You only need to respond ONCE!

But if you change your mind…

Here’s how to let us know by editing your original reply. (You can’t go back to the web site and submit another form. It won’t let you.)

When you’re filling it out, at the bottom of the form you’ll see a box saying “Send me a copy of my responses”. Check that box to get a confirmation email that will allow you to later change your mind about coming or bringing a guest.

An email will be spent to you confirming your reservation and giving you a chance to later change your answers.

Save that email!

If you do change you mind about coming or want to add a guest simply go back to that response email, edit it and send in the new response.

If all else fails send us an email to “”.

That gives us an accurate list of who’s coming.