No eMail on next dinner? We’re not “JUNK”! Mark us as “Safe Sender”!

Some of you haven’t received an eMail asking you to save your seat at the September 19th dinner.

Why? The problem.

We’ve got a new eMail address! It’s < >. You should put that in your address books..But right now here’s what to do.

Check “Junk Mail”

Chances are our eMails are in your Junk Mail Folder! Please go to your “Junk Mail” Folder and open that folder. Look for the mail marked  “September 19 Dinner”. Click on it and select “Add sender to Safe Senders List”

Right click on the message and scroll to “Add Sender to Safe Senders List”.

Now what?

Once you’ve done this you need to fill out the link in the email that will let us know you’re coming.

Please tell us you’re coming on September 19 by clicking this link. It says you need to sign into Google, but you don’t. It will ask for your name and your email. We need those.

Clicking this will take you to the Google form.

Once you reserve you’ll pay at the door, like you always did.

And for those of you who remember, Kenny Bohaker will be around to check that you responded to the form!

Let’s see how it works.

Thanks, the eBoard