2019 Lysiak Golf Tournament

What’s here?

We’re into the editing stage of the Golf Tournament photos: It’s always good for the photographer to remember that digital pix are cheap – not like twelve-exposure film cameras with Kodak 127 film, but now just pixels stored with servers in underground salt-caverns in upstate New York – and that they should take more than one picture. We did take more than one. So we’re able to edit and change the gallery a bit which is fortunate in at least one particular case.

But that aside…

There are two sets of pix here: One are all the teams- or most of them we hope. The others are some more “action” shots taken by Axel Magnuson and Doug Hotchkiss.

Can I get 5x7s?

Maybe. If you’re clever.

Downloadable, printable, hi-rez versions are available by double clicking on the picture then selecting “View full-size” and then – depending on which system you’re on – finding a sharing and download choice.

Some of what you download may seem to be huge and ready to crash your computer. Until we can figure out how to give you choice on size, it’s going to be a huge file. You’ll have to figure it out for now.