November 17-meet the Chief!

Meet the Chief! Ed Conley, Manchester’s new chief of police will be introduced to the Manchester Club. Chicken park is on the menu, prepared by Norm Chamberlin and crew. Chief Conley was with the Chelsea Police Department for 22 years before coming to Manchester. Conley was a decorated Ranger in the US Army and holds … Read More

Midge Townsend, Colleen Lysiak and Pat Sully

Photos from the Lysiak Golf Tournament on Club’s FaceBook page

A few of the pix from this year’s Dick Lysiak Scholarship Golf tournament are now posted on the Club’s Facebook site where you can see Tournament photos even if you’re not subscribed to Facebook. In this photo – left to right – are Midge Townsend, Dick’s wife Colleen Lysiak and Pat Sully. Dick was a good … Read More