May 16 – Raffle and Tenderloin Extravaganza

Next Thursday – with the Raffle and beef tenderloin – should be an entertaining one. Craige McCoy, recently returned from the tropics, will again animate the tombola and provide running commentary. Past Presidents Chuck Filias and Tim Brown will supervise a colorful crew of characters to produce a beef tenderloin feast As usual, plan to … Read More

We need your email address! A new era begins!

Be sure to give us your email addresses when you send in your dues for the year. We’re going digital, finally. June’s meeting will make the end of mailed announcement to the monthly event. To make this possible we need to have your email addresses. And don’t forget to sell the Raffle Books that came with … Read More

Go digital – for May 16th

Please tell us you’re coming on May 16th by clicking this link. It says you need to sign into Google, but you don’t. It will ask for your name and your email. We need those for sending out notices in the future. Thanks. Clicking this will take you to the Google form. Let’s see how … Read More

Want to put together a Club meal?

If you’ve ever had an idea of a meal you think would work for the Club and have friends who want to form a team to do it, give Alan Kirker or any other EBoard member a call to volunteer. Think of the applause at the end of the meal!