February 20, 2020 – Todd Crane’s Mort Mayo Haddock

Valentine’s day will be over by the 20th, and now we have to find other forms of entertainment in what’s turning out to be a -so far – mild, but pretty grey winter. This is just the ticket. The February dinner shall be prepared by Todd Crane & crew and will feature Mort Mayo style … Read More

Sign up for dinner – But what to do if you change plans?

You only need to do the form once each month For each meeting we’ll be sending out multiple notices of the dinner asking you to sign up and giving you news or information. Fill out the form on the email. You’ll know it worked when you close the form and you see “Your response has … Read More

Want to put together a Club meal?

One of the amazing things about the Manchester Club is that we do it all with our own members: The prep; the cooking of the meal; the serving; the clearing; and even doing the dishes and putting them away. It’s heroic, a team effort fueled by a small bar-tab, and fun believe it or not. … Read More

New 2019 Golf Photos

The new photos for the 2019 Tournament are here! Downloadable, printable, hi-rez versions are available by double clicking on the picture then selecting “View full-size” and then – depending on which system you’re on – finding a sharing and download choice.