April 19, 2018 – Adam Curcuru, Director of the Veterans Service

The Manchester Club met on April 19th 2018 at the American Legion hall, with a large group of members and guests present. Everyone was treated to a wonderful dinner consisting of Beefkabob on a bed of rice, a tossed green salad rolls and butter. Dinner was topped off with brownies and ice cream with chocolate syrup…yummy.

The kitchen crew, led by Stan Koch,past President, and our Treasurer Bill Scott and their crew did a great job.

After dinner President Allen Kirker called the meeting together, leading all in the salute to the flag.  He then requested Secretary McCoy and Treasurer Scott’s reports read, Both were accepted as presented.

The President then mentioned the James “Jimmy” Hatcher Scholarship raffle that is coming up at the May meeting.  All members that want an scholarship application either get it on line at Manchester Club web site or see the scholarship chairman, VP Bruce Heisey.

President Kirker, then mentioned dues payments and the selling of the raffle tickets. With no further business on hand he then introduced the speaker for the evening, Mr. Adam Curcuru, Director of the Veterans Service, Gloucester, and a native from there. Adam gave a brief bio of himself. He served in the Marine Corp tour in Afghanistan and Iraq.  He stated that each city and town has to have an veteran agent representative according to Massachusetts law chapter 115. Adam serves Manchester, Gloucester and Rockport his office is on Emerson Ave. in Gloucester. Another facility for the veterans is located on Main St, in Gloucester, and if you are a veteran and in need of any type of medical service call him at the office. An appointment  will be set up for you and you must bring all your proper papers with you, such as your discharge GD214, and history of your service time. Adam’s talk was very interesting and he finished with a question and answer session.

President Kirker then presented Adam with a certificate  of appreciation from the club.  A cash door prize was won by Mr. Whitiy Baun. SEE you all next month. Remember the James ” Jimmy” Hatcher raffle.