Bion Pike September 21, 2017

Thursday September 21 was the season kick off dinner for the Manchester Club- the 113th year as a core of what makes the town a community. This month’s dinner was a prime roast beef dinner prepared by Scotty Cooke and his crew.

This month’s after-dinner talk featured Manchester’s Harbor Master Bion Pike who explained the dredging program for the harbor, a multi-million dollar effort that has to make up for years of postponed maintenance and ensure the viability of the harbor for years to come. The planning and financing have been done by the Town’s Harbor Advisory Committee, the Dredging Committee (which includes President Sean Daly and past Club President Carl Doane), the Planning Board, the BOS and our Town Administrator jumping a range of engineering, regulatory and financing hurdles that would discourage most towns.  Read about the recent awarding of $500,000 from the State to start the project in the Gloucester Daily Times.