Brian Beeler March 2017

Thursday March 16 saw a Portuguese Pot Roast dinner – in a first time presentation from Ken Davis and crew. Brian Beeler spoke after dinner. He is Manager of customer services for the Northeaster, AMTRAK’s passenger train hat runs from Boston to north of Portland Maine.
According to an article in the Portland Press Herald, “Beeler is one of just six full-time employees working with the Downeaster, so his role is broad. But “my primary role is once the customer has purchased their ticket, from that point until they get off the train is my responsibility,” he said.”

Brian Beeler, Manager of Northeaster Customer Services

(Photo courtesy of Portland Press Herald)

From the Secretary:

The Manchester Club held its monthly meeting this past Thursday at the American Legion Hall with a great group of members and guests attending.

They were treated to a wonderful meal of Portuguese pot roast with all the fixings. Starting with crackers and cheese followed the meal which consisted of the pot roast, mashed potatoes, peas and sweet bread, salad and for dessert, delicious cream puffs topped with blueberries. Yum. ..

Dinner was served by Ken Davis and his large kitchen crew, all doing a great job.

After dinner, President Sean Daly called the meeting to order, leading all present in the salute to the Flag. He then requested Secretary McCoy and Treasurer Scott’s reports read, both were accepted.

With no further business, the President then thanked Dick Towle for engaging the speaker for the evening, Mr. Brian Beeler, Manager of the passenger service of the Down Easter train that runs from Boston to Brunswick Maine. This train runs 5 trips per day, each trip is 142 miles from Boston to Brunswick. The train makes several stops along the way including Portland, Old Orchard Beach, and Freeport. Freeport shopping at LL Beans is a must. The train has had over 500 thousand passengers traveling on this railway. It has a cafe aboard which serves food and beverages to enjoy. At most of the stops along the way, local people work at the stations.

The Down Easter has been in operation since 1997, and has exceeded all expectations. The cost for the ride is $25.00 from Boston to Brunswick, with senior rates and group rates. Brian gave a very interesting talk and presentation. A short question and answer session was held.

President Daly then presented Brian with the Club’s certificate of appreciation.

Dick Towle had invited other Manchesterites who have worked with local rail to attend the Club that night.