Chief of Police Ed Conley, November 17, 2016

The Manchester Club held its monthly meeting Thursday, November 17th at the American Legion hall. A good group of members and guest were in attendance. They were all treated to a delicious chicken parmesan dinner, ‘prepared by chef Norman ,Chamberlain and his crew. The chicken was served on a, bed of noodles, a fresh garden salad accompanied along with Italian bread. The main course was followed by coffee and cannoli with ice cream.

After dinner was enjoyed, President Filias called the meeting to order, he then called for the salute to the flag by all.

Next, Secretary McCoy presented the Club’s 25-year members with awards. The following received a desk paper weight with the Manchester Club’s seal attached; recipients were Charlie Franklin, John Donoghue and Dave Willwerth.

McCoy then introduced the oldest club member who was in attendance, Mr. George Brown, a 58-year member George received a great hand by all.

He than read his October report which was followed by a monthly report from Treasurer Scott.

With no further business President Filias introduced the evening’s speaker, Manchester’s Chief of Police, Ed Conley. The chief gave a very interesting talk on his 23-years on the Chelsea Police Dept. Ed grew up in Chelsea with his father being Deputy Fire Chief. Ed is a decorated Army Ranger and has his Masters Degree in Criminal Justice. He lives in North Reading at this time, but is looking forward to moving to Manchester in time. He is also looking forward to meeting the people in the Manchester Community. He spoke of the many problems Chelsea has faced over his time as chief, and recognizes that our smaller community seems to have some of the same. Chief Conley spoke highly of the local police, mentioning Lt. Todd Fitzgerald and the Senior Sergeants. He would like to make a few changes, mentioning specifically the School zone problem, during starting in the am and ending in the pm. He finds that there is a speeding problem during that time. He also stated that he would be willing to meet with people of the town at any time to discuss problems. A short Question and answer period took place.

Chief Conley was then presented with a certificate of appreciation from the Club. All present enjoyed a very interested evening. The regular gift certificate was drawn.

See you all next month.

(Photo by Dick Towle, story by Secretary Craige McCoy, published in the Manchester Cricket, November 26, 2016)