January 2020 Annual Meeting – Stephen Stasiak

Manchester Club 2019 Annual Report

After a delicious dinner of baked haddock prepared by John Herrick, John Hannah and crew.  The election of a new slate of officers was confirmed and Bruce Heisey was welcomed as the club’s 114th president. 


After a dinner of Chicken Parm was served by Norm Chamberlain and crew.  Our guest speaker was a no show due to illness so Secretary McCoy, Tom Kehoe and Dick Towle spoke regarding the Manchester Club.


Todd Crane, Russ Brown and crew served up the always anticipated Mort Mayo/Bill Crane baked fish dinner.  Our guest speaker was Eric Atkinson of Sports World on Route 1 in Saugus who spoke about sports memorabilia.


After a dinner of Beef Kabob served by Stan Koch, Bill Scott and crew, guest speaker Rich Renehan, CEO of Renco Corporation spoke about his business of manufacturing laboratory gloves and contamination control products.


Past president Tim Brown, Chuck Filias and crew served up a delicious beef tenderloin dinner that was tender as a woman’s heart!  It was a large gathering and the annual Jimmy Hatcher Scholarship raffle was held.


John Donaghue and crew served up a dinner of texas style beef brisket.  Guest speaker was Rick Gonsalves who spoke about his many years of tutoring place kickers in the NFL.


After its annual July & August summer break, Manchester Club reconvened in September for a prime rib dinner served by Todd Crane and crew.  Guest speaker was Capt. Stefan Edick from the Schooner Adventure.


The Scott boys served up a dinner of chicken cordon bleu.  Guest speaker was Mr. John Huss from the Manchester Historical Society.


Ken Davis’s crew served up Portuguese pot roast and club member Tom Kehoe, co-chairman of the town’s 375th birthday committee spoke about celebration plans for 2020.


The Club’s annual Christmas dinner was prepared by Stan Koch and John Herrick, always a great meal.  The Christmas Raffle was held, food donations were collected for the needy and Santa made his annual visit – ho, ho, ho!

Respectfully submitted by your secretary, Craige McCoy.

*** Special note.  The Club would like to thank Bruce Heisey for his leadership as the club’s 114th president in the year 2019.