October 17, 2019

The Manchester Club held its October meeting this past Thursday on the 17th at the American Legion Hall.

A delicious chicken cordon-bleu, dinner was served by the Scott brothers, Adam and Taylor and their  crew.

Dinner consisted of chicken, rice,fresh green beans, salad and rolls and for dessert an ice cream sandwich.

The kitchen crew serving a good round of members and guest enjoyed a great dinner.

After dinner the club President Heisey called the meeting to order and all present saluted the flag followed by

Secretary’s McCoy report and the events for the November and December meetings. He then spoke about the Club’s 115th Gala to be held at the Singing beach club on Saturday, May 16, 2020. Plans for the Gala are still in progress and more information will follow. SAVE THE DATE!

He then spoke about the great speaker last month and the presentation of the schooner the “Adventure”  The secretary’s report was accepted.

Following was the club’s Treasurer Scott’s report stating that the club was solvent.  The members then held a moment of silence for the passing of club member William “Billy” Hatcher.

With no further business President Heisey introduced the speaker for the evening, John Huss, curator for the Manchester Historical Society, assisted by Paul Clark, projector man.

John gave a very interesting talk and slide show of the old Manchester locations, names and history. Mentioned was the Bennett St. area, the water fountain in front of Town Hall on the common, Peelhouse Sq. and most interesting Captain Dusty’s on Beach St. and Tucks Point. John gave a very interesting brief history of all.

Further details of these locations can be found on the website of the Historical Society and at the Historical building across from the library.  John then thanked the club for having him as the guest speaker.

Door prize was won by Laurie McCoy. Purchase your 115th Gala Christmas raffle from any board member!!!

See you all next month.