Trip to Morocco, February 15, 2018, Robert Serman

The February meeting of the Manchester Club was held at the American Legion hall this last Thursday.  A small crowd of members and guests were treated to a chicken parmesan dinner, prepared by Norman Chamberlain and his great crew. Dinner  consisted of the chicken served with noodles , a fresh garden salad and Italian rolls. The main course was followed with coffee and cannolis with ice cream for dessert.

After dinner was enjoyed by all, President Kirker called the meeting to order, and everyone stood in a salute to the flag . He then requested Secretary McCoy’s and Treasurer Scott’s reports read and both were accepted as presented.  Next, VP Bruce Heisey, this years chairman of the Golf outing in honor of “Richard Lysiak”, said a few words as to the place and date, which will be held on September 10th at the “Meadows”

With no further business President Kirker introduced  the evening speaker, Mr. Robert Serman a World Traveler, who gave a very interesting talk and power point presentation of the country of Africa.  Robert is a government park ranger who grew up in the  Annisquam area. He travels the world, on his off time. He talked mostly about Morocco, known as the Kingdom of Morocco, located in the northern area of Africa. This area is boarded on the west by the Atlantic Ocean and the northern side by the Mediterranean Sea and a small section of Spain.  It has a population of about 30 million and several different languages are spoken.  Morocco is made up of mountain terrain and has a desert. Robert and his group traveled by camel and  a Suv on the film tour.

The capital of Morocco is Rabat, but the most famous city  well known, is Casablanca.  The largest airport is called Mohammed International.

Robert’s presentation was very interesting and was followed by a short question and answer session. The President thanked him for a most enjoyable evening.  A gift certificate from Cala’s was drawn as the door prize. See you all next month.